We are Sisters Strong!

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Sisters Strong in The Nugget

Thank you to The Nugget for helping promote and support our campaign! See the article here!

Who we support!

Sisters Kiwanis

Food Bank

As we begin to raise money through this Sisters Strong campaign, our main focus will be providing for our community. With that in mind, providing for the local food bank will be our initial priority. We have many people struggling in many ways, and we hope to help the food bank provide more and more to our families.

Family Access Network for the Sisters SD

Family Access Network is a program that helps students and families with many of their foundational needs. This resource helps students with school supplies, clothing, hygiene items, and more.

FAN goes beyond this to even help support families with food, utilities, and beyond!

SMS Leadership

The leadership group at Sisters Middle School is a group of students who help lead and provide for their school in many ways. Their main focus is to help promote and sustain a positive and accepting school culture. They put on events, raise money, and find ways to bring pride to their school and community.


Jeff Schiedler

Leadership Advisor

Sisters Middle School


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